The home workout solution designed to suit your space and your schedule.

Who is FITTLE?

FITTLE is the flexible way to do at-home workouts.

Life isn’t static, our goals and priorities are always in motion. Sometimes that means fitness is front and centre, sometimes it means fitting a workout into 30 minutes or a 2 sq m space. Often it involves switching things up every now and again to stay motivated to move.

That’s why we believe the key to sustainable fitness is the ability to adapt and change our routines over time.


We know your fitness style doesn’t fit into a box. But this one’s pretty close.

If you’ve ever bought home workout equipment before, you’ll know it has a tendency to take up your physical space and a lot of head space in the process. FITTLE/Box is different. With a sleek, modern and minimal design, all of your weights fit into a compact box, suiting even the smallest of spaces. An aesthetic home gym set up when you need it, a beautifully crafted bench when you don’t.


Create a workout routine that works around you.

Whether weights are your favourite way to train or lifting supports your wider fitness goals, FITTLE/App has a plan to suit you. Unlike other programmes, its intuitive design allows you to input your own activities and adapts in real-time so no matter how you choose to move, you’re always heading in the direction of your goals.