FITTLE: The Pre-Launch of 2023

FITTLE: The Pre-Launch of 2023

The new year called for a new launch, and we were thrilled to officially launch FITTLE and open up pre-orders. FITTLE is the innovative home workout solution designed to suit you, your space, your schedule and your needs.

We wanted to make workout equipment that fits seamlessly into your home without the need for a large dedicated gym space. Designed to house up to 75kg of equipment while remaining compact and portable, the FITTLE/Box comes in stunningly sleek Midnight and Soft Grey shades. 

We’re all about versatility, which is why the FITTLE/Box and FITTLE/App can be used across a vast range of workout styles, whether you’re looking for your cardio fix, to build strength or to focus on balance and flexibility through yoga and Pilates.

Think of us as your pocket personal trainer – a fitness solution with all the benefits of a gym without any of the hassle of actually going to the gym. After all, we believe exercise should fit around your life, as opposed to your life fitting around exercise. 

Complete with world-class trainers, our app focuses on helping you build a sustainable exercise routine that suits YOU. Fitness is about more than aesthetics; it’s about maintaining a healthy mindset, it’s about empowerment, it’s about enhancing your sports performance and building a strong, resilient body. With FITTLE, you’ll be well on your way to being your best self in no time. 

The FITTLE/Box is available to pre-order now through our website and the FITTLE/App is launching very soon. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news from the world of FITTLE. Windows 10 activator


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