We are trying to change the way that people think about their fitness. Read one of our founder’s story here to learn more about what FITTLE stands for.

I discovered my love of sports and fitness later than most. I wasn’t especially sporty as a kid and I thought of exercise as a form of punishment. It wasn’t until I started a busy job in London after university that I realised I needed an outlet outside of the office to de-stress physically and mentally. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve tried just about everything that the London wellness scene has to offer, from HIIT studios, CrossFit gyms and running clubs when I’ve needed that adrenaline rush to hot yoga and reformer Pilates when my body has called for a reboot. It’s fair to say that my interests and tastes around fitness are constantly changing, which is something I’ve learnt to embrace and consider ‘variety’ rather than beating myself up for being inconsistent. Motivation wanes, life gets in the way sometimes and that’s ok.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to weight training or a more advanced gym-goer, a healthy and varied routine still needs structure if it’s to be sustainable. I know I’m not alone in having struggled to find a fitness routine that works with the new hybrid working model. While the world figures out whether 2 or 3 days per week in the office is the magic number for professional happiness, one thing that I do know for sure is that ‘keeping fit’ should be more than just a choice of going to the gym before or after work or not. 

Lockdown taught me that a 30-45 minute workout at home can yield similar results to a 3 hour round trip to the gym. In fact, 80% of people who exercise at least twice per week in the UK have integrated some form of home workouts into their ongoing routines since the lifting of restrictions. Even a 15 minute stretch and mobility session between calls is better than nothing and it’s this more holistic view of our health that will keep us engaged and motivated for longer.

Equally though, I still enjoy the social and competitiveness aspects of the gym and trying new studio classes. Sometimes, nothing beats getting out of the house for a change of scene. I also don’t have the space to equip my house with all of the kit that my gym has to offer, nor do I want to fill my living space with bulky, ugly weights and machines that don’t match my home interior style. Gym equipment is designed for just that, the gym, and home equipment feels like a compromise. The reality is that, for most of us, a balance of in-person and virtual training is the key to keeping things interesting and consistent in the long-term. 

I’ve learnt that the fitness industry can be a minefield of confusing and generic information and we’re often sold a one-size-fits-all approach to getting results. Now more than ever, we need an approach that adapts to the individual and supports our changing fitness goals and lifestyles. 

That’s why we created FITTLE – a new type of fitness experience that supports your training at-home and beyond. With the FITTLE/Box you have access to all of the gym equipment you need to make progress at home, housed discreetly in a sustainably-made piece of furniture. The FITTLE/App helps you to get the best out of the equipment, creating personalised, progressive workout plans that are specific to your goals, training preferences and lifestyle. No more searching for home workouts and no more excuses for not having the right equipment!

Today we are excited to launch our new blog that aims to cut through the noise and discusses our approach to achieving lifestyle fitness. We’ll be sharing insights and tips into how you can enhance your training and recovery, achieve balance in your nutrition and learn more about how the FITTLE experience can support you.

We are trying to change the way that people think about their fitness and we look forward to sharing our journey and connecting with our community.


-Tony Adams

FITTLE Co-Founder


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